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CBD Kratom Celebrates 4/20 with Cannabis-Themed Garland

By April 20, 2022No Comments

For some people, 4/20 is just another day of the week. For others, 4/20 is known as the unofficial annual cannabis holiday. This April 20th, The Great Inflator got to celebrate this day with CBD Kratom in Center City with a 4/20 themed garland.

What is CBD Kratom?

Firstly, here’s a bit about the company! CBD Kratom is a St. Louis-based retailer of cannabidiol (or CBD) products. The company sells various cannabis products including CBD, Delta-8 THC, CBG, and other minor cannabinoids. In addition, they also carry 50 strains of an herbal supplement called kratom, as well as other kratom products.

CBD Kratom decided to use the holiday as an opportunity to promote the industry and its products, and asked for help in decorating their store to attract more attention.

One of the 4/20 promotions offered by CBD Kratom.

Planning the 4/20 Garland

We were approached by the marketing coordinator at the beginning of April. She asked us to create a 10-foot balloon garland to frame the front door of the shop. Also, the clients wanted light green, dark green, and white balloons to coordinate with the green plant.

We sent another couple of confirmations back and forth to gather all the final details. After that, we were ready for the special day!

The Special Day

On 4/20, we woke up and headed to Center City. The shop opened at 8, but we were able to get there a little bit early to set up our garland. When everything was finished, we took a step back and admired our work. If people weren’t intrigued enough by the signs outside the shop, our 4/20 themed garland was sure to catch their attention. We even had several people stop as we were installing the garland to ask about the shop and its products!

We love providing garlands for fun, unique events like this! Most importantly, we love to help other businesses. We’re so glad we could help attract guests to the shop. A special thanks to CBD Kratom for kickstarting a highly anticipated 4/20 celebration!

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