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A Heart to Heart Garland

By February 4, 2022February 9th, 2022No Comments

Valentine’s Day comes during the perfect time of year! You’ve made it through the end of year holidays, after all the crazy family gatherings and through the stress that comes with it. Its still cold and snowy (or rainy) outside, perfect weather to cozy up with your loved one and have a day dedicated to celebrating one another. Or, like my fiance and I do, we pick to celebrate on whichever day works for us!

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Monday. Not the ideal day to go out or spend the day together. So, we decided for us this year, Valentines will be on the Saturday before! And what better way to decorate for the holiday than with a giant heart made from balloons!

The Set Up

If you’re like me, you like having your decorations up early so you can enjoy them longer! And maybe you get busy and run out of time later! I wanted to set up this giant heart because it works in the space, fits on the wall nicely and makes for a lovely backdrop.

The first step in creating this design was to decide on the color scheme. Pinks and white was the first thought for the holiday and the rainbow effect came after. There are so many colors out there you shouldn’t have to leave out any! Next, in order to create the shape I wanted, I used fishing line to hold the balloons together instead of a garland strip. I am sure a garland strip would have worked as well but I wanted the garland to be easy to work with and adjust shape if needed.

To Have And To Hold Up

After creating two identical garlands, each for one half of the heart, I hung them up on command strips and brought both ends together to create the border. The border garland is made of 11″ balloons, all blown up to be varying sizes to show dimension. Once the outline is complete and attached to the wall using fishing line and glue dots, I blew up different colored balloons to fill in the center matching the exterior balloons. The heart is complete!

Finishing Touches

Now that our heart is full (of 11″ balloons) its time to add our 5″ balloons to fill in! On the darkest pink I chose to fill in with clear colored balloons, the middle section is a mix of pinks, and the white is matching. This is going to be the perfect backdrop to an at home wine tasting! This garland was made in advance but balloons filled with air instead of helium will last up to two weeks without shrinking!

No matter when you celebrate your Valentine’s Day, balloons will always add that extra little something!

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