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Balloon Arch

A Balloon Arch For New Students!

By April 4, 2022No Comments

What an exciting day for new Immaculata University Students! The university recently had a special day for new students to tour the campus and learn about where they’ll be studying for the next four years. College is such a special time in life and we are so happy we got to be a part of this day!

Installing this balloon arch for Immaculata University was no easy task! There were a lot of different elements to consider at this outdoor venue. The wind, for one, can ruin any balloon arch if not secured properly. This was something new I haven’t had to deal with yet, so keep reading to learn how we made it work!

In our blog about Balloon Arches, we discuss how a balloon arch is put together and provide all the steps to get it ready. Definitely check this out if you want to get more in-depth instructions!

Otherwise, here are some quick essentials to bring along. We have our water weights that sit on top of our anchor posts, a large tent pole that goes between the two anchors, and cord to tie down the arch. The kit typically comes with stakes to help tie down the arch, but at this venue, we had to set it up on stone! This forced us to be more creative.

Set In Stone

We quickly realized the balloon table weights wouldn’t cut it for an outdoor space. We decided on using landscaping stones as an aesthetically pleasing makeshift weight! Home Depot carries a bag of these stones for less than $5. With that in mind, we also picked up some party favor bags! This would be the vessel for our stones. We double-layered white stone and the white bags, which was just what we needed for this outdoor arch.

After blowing up the balloons, the arch went up in no time! Adding on the balloons was also a breeze!

Speaking of breeze, before the arch was tied completely tied down, the wind started to pick up! We quickly grabbed the weights and put one at each corner. There were two in the front of the arch and two in the back for stability. After tying the cord to each weight, it was time to adjust the arch and make sure it looked right. Little to the left, little to the right and we had it!

The outdoor venue was such a learning experience, and it certainly made us better designers in the end! In the future, we learned to tie additional helium balloons to the weights.

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