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Balloon Garland Backdrops

By December 21, 2021No Comments

The world of balloons is ever changing. It seemed to start pretty simple but now you can put balloons just about anywhere! One thing we see growing in popularity are the backdrops you can use. Lets take a look at some of the options out there.

Back to the Start

These first two images show the start of balloon backdrops. They are simple to achieve but very elegant. I’ve seen a number of people create their own backdrop stands just by using PVC pipe! Pinterest is very helpful when it comes to things like that. Of course stands are available to order, as well as the actually backdrop texture! You can find just about anything you like! In the past for a bridal shower I ordered a large roll of white tulle and ivy garland to create a whimsical backdrop. There are endless possibilities when going back to the basics!

Green Is In

Continuing off our first type of backdrops, greenery is a great addition to any balloon garland. If you don’t have a nice outdoor space to use for your party but still want natural elements this is a great way to achieve that look! You can still use the same backdrop stand as the first designs but just order a different material! Bringing natural elements indoors is a whimsical design that is not only popular is balloon decor, but in interior design as a whole! With the right artist, we can make your greenery dreams come true!

Shaping Up

These next two designs having grown in popularity exponentially in the last couple years! These beautiful backdrop shapes provide a new element to your balloon garland. They are the stand themselves so the balloons can be tied to something but they also create a frame for a photo opportunity or highlight the guest of honor at a party! Circles and squares are not the only shapes either! I have seen hexagons, hearts and arches that can be bought in three corresponding heights. The world of backdrops is ever changing!

Knock On Wood

Of course we have to save these backdrops for last! They are the most complex and take a lot of planning to work with. Standing at the top tire, we have wood backdrops. I have seen videos of people creating these by themselves! But that takes power tools and someone who knows how to wield them. An easier route would be to order! Once the vision has been set for what the backdrop will look like, a balloon artist such as ourselves, can measure and evaluate the best way to design and work around the provided stand. Wood has always been popular is design and we are seeing it more and more in the balloon world!

No Backdrop? No Problem!

We just reviewed several options for what backdrops your balloon garland can work with, but I wanted to point out you also don’t have to have one! If you have a blank wall at home or an open spot on the exterior of your house, we can work with that just as well! Backdrops can be beautiful but they can also be a lot of work to have to find a spot for and them take down after an event. Let us see your space as is and we can make your balloon decor look just as beautiful without a set backdrop!

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