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Balloon Towers “Level Up” A Bar Mitzvah

By March 30, 2022No Comments
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A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a special coming-of-age celebration for a Jewish boy or girl. They often spend months preparing for their ceremony. It’s only right that they celebrate this moment (and all of their hard work) with a huge party!

The client was hoping to have one giant balloon garland framing the DJ booth as the guests entered the space. However, her son preferred the look of balloon towers. We quickly made the switch in design and started planning out our setup. The theme was “Game On,” and what better way to “level up” the party than with balloon towers!?

The Game Plan

The biggest challenge was deciding where the towers would go, as the room was quite large. They divided the space into thirds: a space for the adults, the kids, and the dance floor.  Since the party was happening at Dave & Buster’s, the area outside of the party room was open to the public, so setting up balloon towers at the entrance wouldn’t work.

There were additional limitations with the space. The “kids side” of the room was closing after the guests finished dining, so we couldn’t set up balloon installations on that side of the space, either.

Balloon Towers mockup 1

We drove to the venue to scope out the space. After snapping a few photos of the party room, we created a quick design mockup to send to the client. We gave a few ideas for where to place the balloon towers. With approvals in place, we began ordering our inventory and preparing for the big day.

The client’s son had one other request: that his name be in big silver balloons over the DJ booth. This finishing touch would really make the dance floor a focal point of the party!

The Warm-Up

As is typical with any installation, we inflated the majority of the balloons in advance. Doing so allows us to dedicate all of our time to installation assembly on the day of the event. It also leaves plenty of extra time for any last-second changes.

It’s a good thing we always plan ahead! We arrived at the venue the morning of the party to see the room arranged totally differently from what the client approved. There was a mix-up in communications, and the space had been set up in a layout that was not conducive to a big celebration with plenty of dancing.

Fortunately, we had the contact information of several members of the client’s family. We were able to get in touch with a contact before the ceremony began. We cleared up the mix-up, and the wonderful team at Dave & Buster’s got to work setting the room up exactly the way the client wanted.

Game On!

With all of the tables and chairs in place, we were finally able to start setting up our towers. Some of the tables were larger than anticipated, so we had to move a couple of towers around. We also decided to shorten the towers by the DJ booth, and place them on top of the tables. This worked much better since the larger towers would have been blocking doorways that the catering staff uses.

At the end of the day, we think this worked out for the best, since the towers really dominated the space, making it feel quite epic. With the foil letters in place on the wall, the DJ booth was set and ready to go!

We added the extra balloons to the tops of the remaining two towers. Talk about “leveling up” your party!

Inflating the helium balloons wound up becoming a team effort between The Great Inflator and the wonderful staff at Dave & Buster’s. We had fun inflating balloon centerpieces and assembling them as fast as we could before the guests arrived.

Once the last of the balloon clusters was placed on the table, it was time to pack up and let the guests get their party started. On our way out the door, we were even given one of the themed t-shirts from the party!

Congratulations, Joshua. Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day!

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