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Balloon Arch

Balloon Arch: Everything You Need

By February 24, 2022No Comments

Balloon arches are a great addition to any party! They provide a great photo opportunity, clearly highlight the entrance and create a moment worth remembering. In this post we are going to talk about how we create our arches!

What We Need

Before we start blowing up the balloons, we have to make sure we have everything we need to build this arch! Thankfully on Amazon, there are helpful kits that make this process much easier. I actually think they include too much in the kits but I’m not complaining!

The first items we want to make sure we have are the base plates and the water bags. The base plates are important because this is what our arch poll is going to be set in. The water bags are equally as important because this is what’s going to hold down our arch to make sure it doesn’t blow away!

Now that we have our base set up we need to have our arch poll (a very long tent pole) and our securing items, stakes, and rope. First, to get the arch set up we need to fully assemble the arch poll. After assembly, one end of the poll goings into one of the base plates (held down by a water bag of course).

Next, once you have your second base plate set up about 15′ away from your first, this is when you can start bending your arch poll to fit into the second base. This is very similar to a tent setup. The more you bend the poll the higher it is going to get, so for set up I like to have the poll bent just high enough so I can reach it. We can always adjust after the balloons are on! Rope and stakes come later!

Bring The Balloons!

Your arch is fully assembled, but we are missing the most important part: Balloons! The balloons on arches are straightforward. First, you blow up two balloons at the same time, making sure they are the right size. Next, tie them together. After doing this a second time, take your pairs and gently twist them together. This makes a quad that will go straight onto your arch! Repeat this 30 times!

In order to get the look you want, twisting colors or layered, you need to blow up your balloons appropriately. If you want a twisting design and you have four colors, each quad needs to have one of each color in it. The order of the colors needs to be consistent in the quads. As you put these next to each other, the twist will start to form with to colors spinning up the arch! As for layered colors, making the quads is much easier! These quads are all the same color and can be placed as your pattern needs them.

Nailed It

I told you we’d come back to it, our stakes and rope! Once your arch is fully assembled and the bases are 10′ apart, we can attach the rope. There are two ropes and four stakes. I suggest tying a knot on the arch poll a third of the way up on each side of the arch. This leaves four ends, two on the front and two on the back, now all can be staked down. This way the wind can’t affect the arch from any direction.

I love getting to talk about the things I enjoy putting together! An arch is a puzzle but it’s one worth solving. Hopefully, we can add a grand entrance to your next event!

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