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The Best Way To Fill In Your Balloon Garland

By November 12, 2021No Comments

It’s easy to see where any balloon garland begins, but how can you tell when it’s complete? Sometimes that will be determined when you run out of balloons, but more often it’s when you can take a step back and admire the finished product.


A part of my garland is always missing when I hang it up for the first time. Either the balloons all look the same size, they need more color, or the shape just isn’t what I’d hoped for…but no panic! 5” balloons are always the answer!

The More Balloons, The Better

After hanging up the body of the garland, I continue working by placing 5” balloons in clusters. You can make any number of clusters! I typically stick to groups of three or four balloons and make as many as I can until the garland feels full and dynamic. The number of clusters will change depending on the size of your garland.

Color is also key! It is important to have neutral-colored clusters (either white or another neutral) as well as color clusters. This provides a nice balance of different colors. The diversity of 5” balloons will certainly blow you away!

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