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Balloon Arch

Celebrating The Birthday Girl With A Custom Balloon Arch

By July 27, 2022No Comments
Custom Balloon Arch 1 - edited

“Here Comes The Sun” was the theme for this 1st birthday party in Cinnaminson. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate theme for this party. With a heat index of 106, we felt like we were installing this custom balloon arch ON the sun!

Several factors worked in our favor when it came to this install. The first was that the client chose custom balloons from a shop they found on Etsy, which came double-stuffed. Double-stuffed balloons will always fare better in extreme heat, as the two layers of latex make each balloon tougher against the elements.

Additionally, we utilized our tried and true trick of under-inflating the balloons. By doing so, we avoid stretching the latex to the max, which creates a thicker surface area less prone to stretching, wearing down, and popping.

Something Cool

The “coolest” (literally!) part of this install was that most of the setup was done indoors. The comfort of an air-conditioned room never felt so good!

On Wednesday, we inflated the balloons, tied them into garlands, and safely stored them in large bags. On Saturday, we loaded up into the car for the party.

Originally, the client was hoping for a floating balloon arch over the entryway into the backyard pool area. However, due to the global helium shortage, we worked directly with the client to make a few modifications, and suggested two separate garlands that curved into each other to create a custom balloon arch that could support itself without helium, while still creating a unique look that separated it from other arch installations.

The client let us attach the balloons to their stands indoors, for which we were incredibly grateful!

Custom Balloon Arch 2 - edited

In addition to the custom balloon arch, we also added an organic balloon garland around an adorable little sign along a brick wall. The colors chosen by the client were absolutely stunning, and looked just as great outdoors as they did inside!

We formed a few clusters, which were hung up on the back door leading to the yard, on either corner of the poolside bar, and along a half-wall behind the buffet table. These pops of color throughout the party space looked beautiful.

Happy 1st birthday Harper! We were honored to be a part of your special day!

Custom Balloon Arch 3 - edited
Custom Balloon Arch 4 - edited

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