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Bright Balloons for the Springhouse Soiree

Custom balloon garlands are becoming a popular way to enhance all kinds of functions, celebrations, and milestones. For our most recent event, we got to take part in the Springhouse Soiree and Demo Day. Springhouse Dermatology is a local Pennsylvania cosmetic dermatology practice made up of a team of skin experts, trained by Dr. Margo Weishar, that offers a comprehensive approach to skin, integrating cosmetic, surgical, and medical dermatology.

They host an annual open house as a thank you to their community — their biggest event of the year. Think gift bags, giveaways, treatment demonstrations, discounts, champagne, yummy treats, and more!

Bright Balloons to Bring the Vision To Life

They were looking for an arch at the entrance to their building and for a garland in their waiting room. We proposed that an organic garland might work better than a traditional arch at the entrance. They agreed with us, and we got right to work.

Once we had the date, time, location, and budget set, we created a few mockups. The first was a color-blocked garland with the colors from their logo. We created the second design by mixing all of the colors from their signage for the event. By combining colors, sizes, and some fun elements like confetti and starburst balloons, we were able to share our vision with the client. They loved the second design but wanted it without the starbursts. With everything set, all we had to do was wait for the big day!

We used Canva to create mock-up balloon designs for the client.

The Day of the Soiree!

The morning of the Springhouse Soiree was a beautiful, sunny day but there were storms on the horizon. We decided to start with the waiting room installation. Most of that garland was pre-built ahead of time, so a little fishing line and a few small water balloons as weights were all that was needed to secure it. Then it was time to tackle the large outdoor garland. Balloons are very stable when working indoors, but exposure to heat and extreme weather outdoors can cause unexpected results.

To prevent any mishaps, we inflated all of the balloons to their maximum size, deflated them, and then inflated them again. We specifically under-inflated them to allow for expansion and used extra hooks to protect from strong winds. We also tried to handle them as little as possible because oxidation is unavoidable and we didn’t want to leave too many marks or fingerprints on the balloons.

It was absolutely incredibly working with Springhouse Dermatology in their beautiful office. The bright colors of their brand brought so much joy and festiveness to the event and we were happy to be a part of it.

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