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Congrats! CBD Kratom Celebrates New Location With Balloons

By March 7, 2023No Comments
CBD Kratom Fishtown Opening 2

Nearly one year ago, we booked our very first corporate client when CBD Kratom Center City asked us to create a balloon garland for their 420 celebration.

Today, business is booming for our client, and we received an email from CBD Kratom asking us to help them celebrate the grand opening of their newest location in Fishtown. Needless to say, we were thrilled to be a part of the festivities.

The client asked for a 16′ organic balloon garland, which would be hung over the doorway leading into the new location. The theme of the garland was “pastel rainbow”. We sent over a couple of design ideas based on past installations we had completed, and they selected a color blocked look with each color of the rainbow repeating twice.

In addition to pastel rainbow latex balloons, CBD Kratom sent a pack of branded foil balloons, which they asked us to add to the finished product. We’re always more than happy to customize any installation with whatever look you’re hoping for. We can even make personalized latex balloons to order!

We built the garland in two parts, which makes it easier to transport while also having as much of the garland completed as possible before arrival.

By finishing the majority of assembly offsite, we’re left with plenty of time to get balloons mounted where they belong, troubleshoot any last second issues, and leave the space cleaner than when we arrived.

CBD Kratom Fishtown Opening 1

Once we pulled up in front of CBD Kratom Fishtown, we set to work mounting the command hooks around the door frame. Setup proved to be a bit challenging, since the inside of the store was being cleaned and prepped for opening, and the wind outside kept wanting to sweep our balloons away! Thankfully we kept it all under control.

Unfortunately, weather is not something we can control, and when wind gets past a certain sustained MPH, even the strongest of command hooks won’t hold balloons in place. To play it safe, we used two of our strongest hooks on the metal window frames, and a standard outdoor 3M command hook on the glass.

With the two halves attached and the garland mounted, it was time to add the foil balloons. We put some on the side of the garland so people walking up the sidewalk could see the store’s logo from all the way down the block. The rest were strategically placed around the front of the garland.

CBD Kratom Fishtown Opening 5
CBD Kratom Fishtown Opening 3

After making a few last second adjustments, our work was complete! The employees couldn’t stop commenting on how great it looked, and we were thrilled to wrap up another successful install with CBD Kratom.

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