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What Balloon Design is Right for You?

By November 12, 2021No Comments

There are many things to consider when deciding how you want your garland or arch to be displayed. This will be the wow factor of the party so we want it done right!

Where Do You Start

A big first question is where do you want your balloon decor to be hung? Will it be outside or inside? Which is weather dependent, of course! If the display can go outside an arch would be great for group photos displayed at the entrance of your party. Maybe you already have a beautiful background you want this decor in front of! This would be a perfect spot for a garland to organically flow through. You have the background covered and now it’ll be a hot spot for a photo. Then, if you just aren’t sure, you might just want to work with what you have. No matter the location or if you can’t decide on one, send us some photos of where you’re thinking and we can make a recommendation!

Thinking About Surroundings

Next is what will be near or around this display? Is this for a baby shower gift table? A bride opening her gifts? Or is this going to be an incredible background for photos? For all of these applications we recommend a garland! Garlands can flow and move with your space and surround a focal point. Garlands also don’t have to be just in a straight line! We want to hear all of your ideas and help create your vision.


Wherever the display will be hung, whatever the surrounding elements, we are ready to tackle the event!

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