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A Birthday Balloon Garland For One Happy Camper

By March 30, 2022No Comments

Your child’s first birthday is a milestone worthy of the biggest of celebrations. Planning that first big party can be an exciting – and stressful – process.

Hiring a professional balloon artist can help alleviate some stress, and give your party space a more festive look.

For our last project, The Great Inflator team designed and installed a balloon garland for a little boy’s first birthday party.

The party theme was “One Happy Camper,”. The mom requested that the balloons match the colors on the invitation and the custom high chair banner she ordered.

The client sent images of the banner and invitation to our team, and we immediately began hunting for the perfect colors to match.

We came up with two palettes and sent the ideas over to the client. Once we got her approval, we were all set and ready to go for the big day.

Balloon Garland 1

The two color palettes sent to the client. She ultimately chose the combination with the White Sand balloons.

Hire a Professional!

We inflated and assembled the base of the garland at home. We also inflated dozens of smaller balloons that would be used to add depth and fill in the gaps.

On the day of the party, we loaded the balloons and headed to the venue. We always have plenty of extra balloons and garland-hanging tools on hand.

When we arrived at the venue, we got to work hanging the garland while the family set up tables and decorations. During setup, it was discovered that a mistake had been made with the tablecloths, which of course sent everyone into a mild panic as a solution was found.

This is one of the biggest reasons why having a professional on hand to set up your balloon garland is so beneficial!

A Helping Hand

While the client was still trying to resolve the tablecloth debacle, we took care of setting up the garland. We also helped with other smaller tasks so that the family could focus on bigger issues.

The client had planned on inflating several balloons herself to fill the ONE blocks she had brought. We took this task off of her hands so she could work on centerpieces and the other adorable camp-themed decorations.

Smaller balloons that had not been used on the garland were placed inside of the boxes, and we tapped into our stash of extra balloons to fill each box to the top with balloons that perfectly coordinated with the garland.

By the time the last balloon was in place, the tablecloth situation had been resolved, the space was fully set up, and the client was beyond thrilled with the end result. The balloon garland made the perfect backdrop behind the high chair, framing the birthday boy during his big cake smash!

We were so happy to help make this big day even more special, and to lend a helping hand when needed.

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