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Floral Accents in Your Garland

By March 16, 2022No Comments

Who doesn’t love floral accents in their balloon garland! These pieces of greenery can be tricky to work with, especially next to balloons! Typically these garlands have wire in them so they can hold whatever shape you bend them to, so sharp wire and balloons are a tough combo! If you can manipulate the floral garland gently the result is definitely worth it!

What You Need

To get started you need to know what kind of greenery will work with your design! Flowers and other bunches are perfect and you can match the color to your balloons. Garlands are even easier because they are mostly green and provide more to work with. This particular balloon garland went perfect with a eucalyptus garland we found on Amazon. It came with six 6ft vines which was perfect for the length the balloon garland needed to be. Now that we have our greenery, it’s time to fit it into our garland!

You add the greenery after you hang your balloon garland, but before adding your 5″ balloon bunches (see our previous blog to see what we mean). 

I will say, this was our first time using greenery in a balloon garland but these vines made it very easy! Once all of your vines have been unrolled and separated you can take one at a time and place them in your design.

Just Go For It

There is one end of the vines that has a bent piece of 2″ wire sticking out. At first, this was scary! How are we going to use these vines and not pop balloons!? Well, thankfully we realized we could use this to our advantage. We decided to take the end of the vine with the bent piece of wire and make a loop by hooking the wire around another piece of that same vine. This made a hoop and what could be more perfect for going around balloons!

These hoops at the start of each vine created an anchor. We would fit the hoop around one of the balloons and from there place the rest of the vine in between balloons. The vine will not easily sit in front of the balloons unless you have a string to tie it on. To make the process easier we would weave the vine in between balloons that were very close together. By doing this you actually get a more dynamic balloon garland. The vines are now intertwined with the balloons and will hold as if tied with string!

The Last Step

Now, if you’ve read our blog before you should already know what the final step is! 5″ balloons bunches! These small bunches fill in the balloon garland and can cover up any exposed greenery that you don’t want to see. These little balloons really make all the difference, greenery or not!

So we’ve learned that floral accents can really spice up a balloon garland, you just need to cover those wires! We love trying new things but we love making your vision come to life even more!

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