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Balloon Arch

Gender Reveal Balloon Arch on a Breezy Day

By August 19, 2022No Comments
gender reveal

Gender reveal parties have been a hot trend over the last couple of years. A gender reveal party is when the expecting parents have a celebration where they reveal the sex of the baby to friends and family.

A Breezy Start

The Great Inflator loves being there to help set up baby showers and gender reveal parties, and the excitement was certainly in the air! For this event, we used baby blue and pink balloons since they are the stereotypical colors for gender reveals.

To start, we created small centerpieces for the tables. These centerpieces consisted of small balloon clusters with cute stuffed animals attached.

As cute as the centerpieces were, they did lead to some minor frustrations. The wind kept toppling the centerpieces over, even with three weights inside! As with any outdoor event, it’s always important to consider the elements when planning your dream balloon setup. Luckily, this small obstacle didn’t take away from the main event.

A Lucky Surprise During Setup!

For the main setup, we assembled our pink and blue garland around a white backdrop. There were also balloon letters against the backdrop spelling out, “Oh Baby”.

As we were assembling the garland, we realized that we were missing one of the blue clusters. After searching everywhere for it, we started inflating a replacement. We always have spare balloons on hand in case of emergencies like this, and this time it came in clutch!

Suddenly, a man a block away was walking towards us holding the missing balloon cluster! What a day!!

Boy or Girl?

After we finished the main setup, everything looked good to go. Despite the wind, nothing could blow away the happiness and excitement of this day! Congratulations to the family on your new baby boy!

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