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Helpful Tricks For Every Balloon Garland

By November 19, 2021No Comments

A few months ago, I had to learn how to make a balloon garland for my fiance’s sister. They were throwing a baby shower and thought something like this would be perfect! I wasn’t sure where to start but learned quickly what makes the perfect garland!

Garland Strips

There are a couple of techniques for stringing balloons together. For the baby shower, I used garland strips. This is a plastic strip that allows you to hold all of your blown-up balloons together.

With this method, it’s helpful to add each balloon individually. This takes a little longer but allows you to manipulate the balloons carefully and plan out where your colors are going to be placed.

Fishing Wire/String

The other method is to use fishing wire or string. The garland strip works best with one balloon at a time but this actually allows you to string on two at a time! You would blow up two balloons at once, tie those together and then wrap your fishing wire around where the balloons meet. This method is quick and still produces a great result but it could end up looking more uniform. Which is not a bad thing! Once your garland is hung up we go back through and add in the filler balloons or additional pieces to pump up your design!

Did you say More Balloons?

Speaking of adding in additional balloons, glue dots are a great tool for just that! Glue dots can help you hold together your design, stick it to a wall or just stick the balloons to each other and be unnoticeable at the same time! These tiny, discrete miracles are a must have when building a balloon garland!

Now I’m ‘Hooked’

Last but not least, the most important tool you could have when hanging your garland! Command Hooks. We all love using these to hang up any wall art or holiday decorations because they can be removed without damaging your walls.

For balloons, it works the same way! We will hang up your garland with these hooks so as to not damage any surface. And if we hang it up and you say it needs to move over 2 feet, that is not an issue! These hooks are the best!

Stay tuned for any more helpful products we find along our journey!

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