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Personalized Balloons for Hustler Hollywood’s Grand Opening

By January 24, 2023January 30th, 2023No Comments

Custom balloons are a great addition to any grand opening event as they add a unique and personal touch to the celebration. Not only do they help to create a festive atmosphere, but they can also be used as a marketing tool to promote the business and make it stand out from the crowd! 

Customized Decal Balloons

To mark the start of a new chapter, Hustler Hollywood hosted an unforgettable grand opening celebration in Philadelphia with help from The Great Inflator!

We recently unveiled a creative new way to make the perfect balloons: customizing them with decals!

Hustler Hollywood provided us with their logo, which we then uploaded and edited before printing onto Cricut film.

The end result? Eye-catching decorations can liven up any celebration!

The Process

To make sure we got the look just right, we decided to take a practice run with some scrap vinyl and an inflatable balloon.

Although the first attempt wasn’t perfect – think smudged letters here and there! – it still served its purpose by helping us figure out what techniques worked best for future pieces.

Ultimately, this allowed us to create the stunning installation of balloons that made such a statement at the event space!

Our client’s request for 9″ balloons and glittering gold orbs posed an unforeseen challenge! We don’t have helium at hand due to a worldwide shortage, but depending on the job we could coordinate with a local party supply store – their industrial-grade helium is sure to meet demanding requirements.

The Final Outcome

The Hustler Hollywood logo was already printed on the 9″ balloons which were shipped to us with the orbs. We dropped these balloons off at the party supply store to be inflated and picked them up on installation day.

As the towers were going to be placed outside, we added 5lb weights to the stands and securely attached the tops of the towers to the exterior wall using a hook and fishing line to keep them in place, as the weather was cold and windy.

Custom balloons are an excellent addition to any grand opening event. At The Great Inflator, we provide a wide range of options including balloon towers, garlands, arches, and now personalized decals to make your event even more unique and memorable.

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