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Diamond Rings and Balloon Hoops: A Stunning Creation For a Mendenhall Bridal Shower

By March 14, 2024No Comments

From playing wedding-themed activities to taking memorable photos, bridal showers bring so much fun and excitement! Therefore, every bridal shower needs that special decoration, making for the ultimate backdrop.

Our client, Paula, contacted The Great Inflator while planning her daughter’s bridal shower in Mendenhall, PA. She was seeking a balloon creation that would bring together the romantic atmosphere she envisioned for the celebration.

Our team was quick to strategize. After considering the decoration location, we decided that a hoop balloon display would be the perfect creation for this event.

With the hoop in mind, our team discussed the optimal balloon colors with our client. Together, we chose elegant and charming colors to match the theme.

All the other party decorations featured pink and white flowers with gold script. With this theme in mind, we selected a variety of light pink and white balloons. To finish the creation and tie in the script of the other decorations, we added a few gold balloons in a variety of sizes.

The balloon hoop was stunning, and it was time to bring the final piece to life.

On the day of the shower, our team arrived at the lovely Mendenhall Inn and made our way to the private room for Paula’s party. The gold hoop was quickly assembled. In addition, the balloon clusters were easily arranged with a small break between the two bunches, creating a beautiful garland.

Lastly, Paula added a chair in front of the balloon hoop for the bride. This chair was also decorated with pink and white flowers and white tulle. Once the bride’s chair was placed, the entire display came together perfectly!

In the end, we created a special focal point for the party, a wonderful space for photos, and an eye-catching backdrop for opening gifts. We were ecstatic that the bride was overjoyed with our custom balloon creation!

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