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Standing Tall: Custom Balloon Towers for a New Jersey Corporate Event

By December 21, 2023No Comments

Corporate events are typically seen as formal and sometimes lack excitement. However, introducing elements of fun can swiftly transform the ambiance, creating a memorable and positive impression on both employees and guests.

Cenlar, a federally chartered wholesale bank, recently hosted corporate meetings at all of its locations across the country. One of the events was local in the Northeast region. The organizers of the New Jersey employee meeting tasked our team with creating stage decorations for the event.

This regional meeting was held at The College of New Jersey in Ewing Township. Over 1,000 employees and staff were set to be in attendance.

Together, our team and the Cenlar event leads worked to design and install eye-catching balloons with a custom touch.

In the first meeting with Cenlar, the team explored our various types of balloon structures. Both balloon arches and balloon towers were of interest.

After our discussion, we decided balloon towers were best suited for the event. We created two balloon towers in navy and white, perfectly aligning with the Cenlar brand.

Cenlar Balloon Tower

To finish the project, we placed balloons with a silver ‘C’ on top of both towers. This extra piece added a customized feature to the structures, seamlessly tying the decorations and event together.

The clients were very pleased with our balloon creations and asked our team to assist with a final decorative element. The clients had Cenlar-branded foil balloons that needed to be inflated. Using their own helium tank, our team assisted the Cenlar crew in inflating their balloons.

We were thrilled to add another layer of excitement to the corporate gathering and to assist the events team in finishing their decorations!

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