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Organic Garland for a Milestone Birthday

By August 1, 2022No Comments
organic garland milestone birthday

All birthdays are special, but milestone birthdays call for extra-special attention! People generally celebrate milestone birthdays on a person’s 1st, 16th, 18th, 21st, and every year after that ends with a ‘0’. Milestones allow us to connect with friends and family and celebrate new phases of life. For our last project, The Great Inflator designed and installed two “mini” organic garlands for a milestone 60th birthday party. 

Organic “Cabernet” Garland

The theme was “Cabernet”, and the client sent over a few inspiration photos of balloons she liked. We started our design with a beautiful metallic burgundy balloon that was in all of the client’s inspo photos. Then we added a shiny champagne gold that worked perfectly with the burgundy and the overall theme. A pop of rosewood pink and neutral white sand completed the look. We sent the designs to the client, and she loved them as much as we did!

We inflated the balloons on Friday night and placed them into large clear bags for easy transport the next day. On Saturday afternoon, we loaded up the balloons and supplies and headed to the client’s home in Ambler, PA for the installation.

organic garland design
The client was just as thrilled about this color combo as we were!

Carefull Install

The client wanted to place the “mini” garlands on the door to the backyard and the corner of the doorway to the dining room. The first garland went up quickly. A fishing line came in handy to attach the balloons to the existing curtain rods and pullbacks. The second garland was a little trickier to install. We needed to use two different methods to hold the balloons. First, we used tiny push pins and fishing wire on the top of the molding. Then we fashioned a “hook” out of a 260Q twisting balloon and some painter’s tape. We always take extra precautions to use damage-free methods when installing in a client’s home vs. a venue space.

Everyone was so excited at how the organic garland turned out! We were so happy to help make this milestone birthday extra special. Cheers to the birthday girl, and remember — just like a fine wine, you get better with age!

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