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A Wedding Balloon Garland Creates A Lovely Backdrop

By September 6, 2022No Comments
Wedding Balloon Garland 5

A Philadelphia bride came to us with her vision board, filled with vibrant colors and sparkling gold accents. The bride worked to make her gorgeous dream wedding a reality, but she needed help with one thing. It was up to us to help to create the perfect wedding balloon garland!

The Mock-Up Design

The bride’s color scheme was red, white, and gold, with pops of pink. She even planned to change into a beautiful red gown for her reception after exchanging vows in her white wedding dress.

She asked for a garland large enough to frame a gold glitter backdrop. This backdrop would display her new last name in pink neon letters.

We designed a mock-up, which included some of the foil balloon shapes she also wanted to incorporate in the garland. A mock-up is great for showing the client what to expect and also creates the perfect “instruction manual” come installation day.

Wedding Balloon Garland Mock-up

Once the bride approved the mock-up, it was time to order the foil balloons and assemble our inventory.

Bringing A Vision To Life

Wedding Balloon Garland 1

We had access to the venue on the evening before the wedding. When we arrived, we saw friends, family, and the bride and groom, all working together to make the couple’s dream wedding a reality.

The venue was Bridgemen’s Ballroom in Philadelphia. The beautiful hall had large windows overlooking the outdoor gazebo and patio. After admiring the views, we got to work assembling the garland!

After assembling the backdrop, we pulled out our garland base (which had been inflated and put together in advance) and set to work mounting it to the frame. We added some balloons to fill in a few gaps, but otherwise, the base fit perfectly.

Next, it was time to add the accents, including the foil balloons and mini clusters. With our mock-up out as a template, we were able to place each balloon precisely where it belonged.

Most of the garland was red, white, and gold. However, we also added pink balloons to match the pink neon sign that was set up later in the evening.

Next, it was time to attach the foil balloons. The best way to attach foil balloons to a garland is by tying a 260 balloon in a loop, then taping it to the back of the balloon using masking tape. Then, loop the 260 around a balloon on the garland. Finally, the foil balloon will nestle perfectly onto the garland.

Take a closer look at some of the sweet details, including a wedding ring we looped around the word “love”!

One of our favorite parts of this setup was that you could see the ceremony location from inside. We watched the rehearsal as we added the finishing touches to our garland. It was fun imagining the joy that would fill the room the next day when the couple exchanged vows under that very gazebo!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.! Thank you for inviting us to make your special day even more memorable with a custom wedding balloon garland.

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