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Rainbow Balloon Arch Brings Luck (And Lots Of Smiles!)

By March 16, 2022No Comments

Erin go Bragh! This St. Patrick’s Day, The Great Inflator started the festivities with a rainbow balloon arch complete with white balloon clouds.

The arch was used as the backdrop for a local Medford photographer, who captured the sweetest pictures of two little lucky charms! The photos showed them dancing, singing, and having a blast with the balloons.

While a rainbow balloon arch can be made in an assortment of color palettes and shades, this piece used the most vibrant colors of the rainbow!

Rainbow Balloon Arch

Balloon Size

In order to make the perfect rainbow, it’s important to inflate each colored balloon to the perfect size.

All of the red balloons must be exactly the same size — just slightly larger than orange. Orange balloons must be slightly larger than yellow, and so on.

The easiest way to check the balloon size is to use two chairs set up parallel to each other. Measure the distance between the backs, and gently pull each balloon between the gap. Release air as needed until each balloon fits through without needing to be tugged.

Once we inflated all of one color, we moved on to the next color. Continue on until all of the colors of the rainbow are ready to be assembled!

Finishing Touches

As you can see in this image, all red balloons are tied to orange, yellow to green, and blue to purple. We used an alternating stack and some fishing line to connect the balloon pairs, which left us with three separate mini arches. These were the perfect size to transport to the photoshoot. We also assembled white clouds using solid white and pearl white balloons! This creates dimension and a slight magical shimmer to the clouds.

Once on site, the three mini arches were bound together with fishing line, and the clouds were attached to either end. The photographer had a creative idea of using cotton fluff and twinkle lights to add a whimsical final touch to the scene. Then, it was time to bring in the “models” and start photographing!

Rainbow Balloon Arch dance
Rainbow Balloon Arch 5
Rainbow Balloon Arch 6
Rainbow Balloon Arch 7

A very special thanks to Karlee Marie Photography for capturing such wonderful photos!

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