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A Wedding Balloon Arch Creates A Breathtaking Backdrop

By April 12, 2023No Comments

When bride-to-be Emily contacted The Great Inflator in September of 2022 asking to help make her dream wedding balloon arch a reality, we were incredibly honored. What a magnificent thing to be asked to play such a huge part in what is arguably one of the biggest days in a person’s life?!

The wedding date was set for April 1 of 2023, and was to take place at Lake Pine Colony Club in Medford, NJ. The bride wanted an organic arch built around a circle-shaped stand, to be used as the backdrop for her altar at the ceremony and a place for guests to take photos during the reception.

We set up a phone call with the client to discuss the particulars of her event. We reviewed color palettes, as well as designs and ideas she had in mind for the installation.

After our phone call, several inspiration photos were exchanged. In addition to balloons, the bride also wanted florals and greenery added to the arch. She hadn’t met with the florist yet, but had a general idea of what the flowers in her bouquets and centerpieces were to be.

Wedding Balloon Arch 5

Making The Mockup

With all of the important details jotted down, we set to work drawing out a couple of ideas for how the garland could look.

Wedding Balloon Arch Inspo grid
Wedding Balloon Arch Mockup v. 2

Inspo photos sent by the client

Mockup created by The Great Inflator

We researched balloon colors and put together a palette, which the bride approved. After bouncing a few different ideas around with the bride, we sent over a mockup and anxiously awaited her reply.

The response we received was exactly what we were hoping for: “I LOVE IT!!”

Assembly Begins

We waited until after the New Year to head out and gather the flowers that most closely matched those in the mockup. We wanted to wait until the stores had their seasonal products in, so that we had the widest possible selection to work with.

One detail the bride requested was a silver circle stand. Sturdy silver stands from reputable distributors are hard to come by, so we invested in a reliable gold stand and spray painted it silver.

The last thing a bride needs to worry about in the weeks leading up to her big day is whether or not her vendors have all of the details of her big day straightened out. We were sure to communicate with her well in advance, in order to make sure we had even the tiniest of specifications clarified.

We were able to get into the venue a day early, so assembly of the garland began on Thursday.

One of our tricks for ensuring a smooth installation day is assembling as much of the garland as possible at home. That way, when we arrive on the big day, less time is spent putting the installation together, which allows for us to focus on the final look and adding all of those finishing touches that make our garlands look nearly flawless.

Wedding Balloon Arch partial

On Friday afternoon, we arrived at the venue with all of our tools in hand, and set to work assembling the wedding balloon arch. The bride, her groom, and their immediate families were there working hard on the DIY aspects of the wedding, while we built the circle stand and began attaching balloons.

Since the garland was essentially completed before our arrival, attaching it to the arch was done in near record time. This gave us over an hour to focus on the floral and greenery placement.

We stepped back for a moment to inspect our work before leaving for the day. The plan was to drop by the day of the wedding for one final inspection. We couldn’t wait to see how the wedding balloon arch looked once the rest of the decorations were in place!

The Big Day!

The next day, we stopped by a couple of hours before guests were expected to arrive. The space looked absolutely stunning, and all of the uplighting and beautiful floral centerpieces really made the wedding balloon arch shine.

Wedding Balloon Arch 1
Wedding Balloon Arch 2
Wedding Balloon Arch 4

Even more exciting than seeing our wedding balloon arch as the focal point of such a beautiful setup, was the glowing review we received from the bride the following day:

“They were awesome from start to end! Arch for my wedding was perfect! Loved Audrey!! Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

A massive thank you to Emily and her new husband for allowing us to be a part of such a big day in their lives. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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