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A Tropical Backyard Birthday Luau

By August 16, 2023No Comments

Luau is the ultimate theme for any summer celebration, especially one as important as an 83rd birthday party!

For this event, our client was inspired by one of our past creations from a tropical-inspired celebration. Audrey and the team were so excited to revisit a previous design and reimagine it in a way that brings their unique vision to life.

Audrey worked with the host to design the garland that would be placed on the back patio.

Planning ahead for hot temperatures, Audrey prepared the balloons in a specific way to minimize the risk of popping in the heat and allow them to retain their shape.

The client loved the way the final garland came to life on the day of the event. It was the perfect addition to the decor for this special summer birthday party.

And three days later, despite humid and hot summer days, the balloons were still going strong! Audrey’s careful planning and preparation ensured the garland lasted beyond the specific event.

We cannot wait to work with Kelly and Kent again in the future!

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