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Tropical Balloons for a 30th Birthday Party

By September 15, 2022No Comments
bright tropical balloons hawaiian themed birthday party

Close your eyes and imagine you’re on a tropical island. The sun is setting, the palm trees are blowing in the warm summer breeze, and the sound of laughter echoes through the air, mingling with the soft strumming of a ukulele. Sounds like a luau! A luau is a Polynesian ritual; traditionally a social gathering meant to unite the people of a town in celebration of a significant life event. If a tropical getaway is out of the question, a luau birthday party is the next best way to celebrate your latest rotation around the sun.

A Backyard Tropical Oasis

Our client reached out to The Great Inflator looking for tropical balloons for a backyard 30th birthday party. They were hoping for a freestanding balloon garland for their guests to take photos in front of. A few emails later and we had nailed down the details! We now had a date, time, location, price, and an inspiration photo to start the creative process.

Bright, Tropical Balloons

The morning of the party, we blew up clusters of balloons by color. We then inflated smaller clusters of balloons by color and a few jumbo balloons to help fill in gaps and create the shape we were aiming for.

We placed them in large plastic bags for easy transport and loaded up the car with all our supplies. Off we went to Marlton, NJ!

This install required a bit more supplies than our usual. First, we needed a gold hoop stand for the balloons. We also needed a step ladder to reach the top of the stand.

An example of another luau-themed party we made balloons for!

Once we arrived on site, we decided where to place the balloons (a flat, shady spot is always best!) and got to work. The large balloon clusters were twisted into place on the hoop stand. Then the small clusters were added with rubber bands and finally a few jumbo balloons were attached with 260q twisting balloons. The last step was adding tropical greenery to the balloons to really give it a luau feel.

Thank you for having The Great Inflator at your backyard tropical oasis. We loved creating this photo-op and hope your guests had a hula of a time!

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