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Love Is In The Air With This Valentine’s Day Balloon Arch

By February 1, 2022No Comments

Tired of the traditional Valentine’s Day setup of flowers and chocolates? This year, surprise that special someone in your life with a romantic Valentine’s Day balloon arch!

Valentine's Day Balloon Arch 1 - resized

This Valentine’s Day balloon arch was set up in an ombré style, with the brightest red balloons fading into two shades of pink before ending in a soft peachy tone. Smaller 5″ balloons add dimension to the arch, with clear confetti-filled balloons adding sprinkles of vibrant red to the mix.

Oversized 18″ balloons held up the base of the arch, which gave the setup an almost rainbow-like appearance.

At the other end of this rainbow was the softest, squishiest, and arguably the largest teddy bear we’ve ever seen! With rose petals strewn about the room and a special foil balloon with a message of love printed across, we can honestly say this setup would make any Valentine swoon.

An arch like this would make a gorgeous backdrop to a romantic candlelit dinner, or would perfectly frame a sweet picnic breakfast spread out on the floor. Let us know how we can make your Valentine’s Day extra special with a custom balloon setup!

Valentine's Day Balloon Arch 1 - resized

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