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Wave Balloon Garland Makes A Splash At A Bat Mitzvah

By April 14, 2022No Comments
Wave Balloon Garland featured

This wave balloon garland is by far the biggest job we’ve ever done. We faced many challenges from the moment the job was first proposed until the day of installation. We were more than up to face every single one of them, and the end result was definitely a show-stopper!

Client’s Inspiration

A mom planning a Bat Mitzvah for her daughter came to The Great Inflator with an idea: create a jaw-dropping wave balloon arch over the entrance for guests to walk under upon arrival to the party.

This wave would fit perfectly with the rest of the décor for the luau-themed party. However, she specifically requested that the arch be set up inside the venue, not out in the foyer. The hope was that the arch would remain a centerpiece of the party.

We have done arches before, but this particular setup required more than that. The arch needed to be doubled in width, then seamlessly connected to a series of towers of decreasing sizes. These towers also needed to be slightly curved to create a complete wave shape.

wave balloon arch client inspo
The client thought this wave arch would be the perfect fit for their luau-themed party.

A few weeks before the party, we drove out to Industry Events Space. We met with the client and event planner to discuss the floor plan and arch placement. Since the photo booth would need the majority of the area to the right of the door, we had approximately two feet of floor space to set up our arch.

The client also asked that we add a couple of accent pieces around the back wall of the dance floor. This was perfect to get the balloons in the photos while the guests danced the night away. She also asked for some sort of centerpiece to set up on the two drinks bars.

A Major Hiccup

Industry Events graciously allowed us to store our balloons at the venue, and to begin set up in advance. We drove to the venue three days before the party to drop off our first batch of balloons and hardware, inflate a few more balloons, and start setting up some of the towers.

Once we arrived, the staff informed us that the photo booth now required all of the space. There was no room to the right of the door for our arch! They had also added a table on the left side of the door to accommodate guests. This left us only two feet of space to work with. Immediately, we realized the original plan could not happen.

Fortunately, the client was stopping by and we were able to discuss the sudden change and brainstorm our options.

We decided to create a giant wave balloon garland over a small stage at the head of the dance floor. Not only would it still be a focal point of the party, but we knew the guests would have tons of fun taking selfies on the stages with a giant balloon wave in the background.

Additionally, this new setup would not require as many balloons as the original arch. We planned to use the remaining balloons to install several organic garlands throughout the space to tie the look together.

Wave Balloon Garland mock up

With approval of the new design from the client, we immediately shifted focus and got to work!

Installation Begins

Because the job required so many balloons, inflation began four days before the party. Latex balloons filled with air actually hold their fill much longer than those filled with helium. Another trick to long-lasting balloons is to fully inflate them, and then deflate them while pressing down to create a perfectly rounded, under-inflated balloon. We used 11″ balloons fully inflated, then deflated down to 8″ globes. We inflated more while at the venue on Wednesday and Thursday before traveling back to begin the installation.

To build this wave balloon garland, we tied quads together and organically shaped the installation on the ground. With the garland propped on the wall, we measured the size, checked that everything was shaped properly, and found out which areas needed more balloons.

Once we reached the highest point of the wave, we tied the garland up using command hooks and fishing line. We continued adding quads to the wave to finish it off.

With the wave completed, we began designing and installing the accent garlands. We completed the setup over the front door first, along with the centerpieces for the bar tops.

To complete this look, we constructed mini versions of our balloon towers, tied together by the necks, weighted down with balloons filled with water, and topped with a gold foil confetti-filled balloon.

Before leaving on Friday, we also constructed the spine of the garland for the dessert table. We didn’t complete this one until the baker arrived to make sure the final look matched her setup.

Wave Balloon tower bar toppers

Party Time!

On the day of the Bat Mitzvah, after setting up for a baby shower at another location, we loaded up the car with the rest of our materials and headed to Industry Events to complete our luau-themed installation.

The candy bar was almost complete, so we constructed and installed the garland over the adult table before adding the finishing touches to the dessert table garland. A few finishing touches to the entryway garland later, and the space was ready for the party!

Wave Balloon Garland 1
Wave Balloon Garland 2
Wave Balloon Garland 3
Wave Balloon Garland 4
Wave Balloon Garland 5
Wave Balloon Garland 6

What started out as a near-disaster turned into a series of impressive installations that far surpassed the client’s wildest expectations. Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of this special day, and we’re so glad we were able to make it even more memorable with a one-of-a kind wave balloon garland!

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